Bye bye Twitter, hello Mastodon

Leaving Twitter feels weird, after having used the platform for such a long time.
It also comes with a cost, as it is a platform which still holds value for me, seemingly being the best source of information to follow what’s going on in the particular niche of the IT space that I am interested in.

But with all the recent happenings, I think that it is definitely time to “vote with my wallet”, and shut down my twitter account. There is only so much that I feel we should tolerate from corporate owners (btw, I did resign from Spotify as well this year, and am mostly satisfied with the choice of moving to Tidal).

Without having spent a long time in doing my own research, I decided to go with the flow, and set up a Mastodon account at
See you there!

The BIG match: Oxford vs Cambridge 2015

As part of the effort to become real Londoners, last weekend me and aussie colleague Daniel decided to join the feasting crowds watching the traditional boat race between Oxford and Cambridge.

The first thing we noticed: there are a LOT of people out there, along the 4 miles of the race track.

lotsa people!

The second thing: there does not seem a lot going on…
Everyone is having a nice picnic, plenty of booze, chatting and profiting of the sunshine.
But nothing moves on the Thames…
…up to the moment the boats arrive!

boat race

There are in fact 3 races in the day: women, men 2nd teams, men.

And each race occupies your field of vision for a total of about 30 seconds! unless you came in early enough to get a place next to one of the big screens which broadcast the whole thing live.

This reminds me of my first – and only – experience going to watch an F1 Grand Prix – a whole day of waiting, and when the cars finally whizzed around our corner, they were so quick I could not even identify them! The most climatic event was one driver going off-track just in front of me 🙂

Luckily for all, a few more boats do show up, following the racing ones, adding a bit to the overall enjoyment:


fire boat


black boat

port authority…


more motor boats…

more boats

… and finally the sun settles, giving me an opportunity for a nice shot from the Hammersmith bridge. Time to pack your empty beer cans and go home.

snset on the river

Oh, I was almost forgetting: Oxford won the 3 races by quite a margin.

And there was something else to make the cheer up the day: scantily clad ladies showing their brazilian dance skills!

barzilian dancers in west london

Not a bad day in the end…

Il trionfo della stupidità umana all’italiana si abbatte sull’orso marsicano

Ricevo da un’amica e volentieri ripubblico la seguente mail:

Ho trovato con sgomento il seguente video su youtube:
L’ho guardato e mi son venute le lacrime agli occhi non solo per il terribile danno inflitto a una femmina di orso marsicano e ai suoi tre cuccioli, ma soprattutto per la stupidità umana. Cosa ancora peggiore e molto all’italiana, il filmato è stato trasmesso da TG1, TG5 e TGR Abruzzo e NESSUNO, dico NESSUNO, si è soffermato sulla gravità di quanto accaduto.
Due automobilisti (uno dei due è un carabiniere, quindi rappresentante della legge!) hanno inseguito un’orsa con i tre cuccioli per un paio di chilometri su strada asfaltata, consapevoli del disturbo arrecato agli animali ma, nella loro totale stupidità, ignari del fatto che sottoporre a una corsa di quel tipo una femmina in allattamento e tre piccoli implica far consumare loro una enorme quantità di energie che non è detto gli esemplari riescano a recuperare alimentandosi normalmente; implica sottoporre la madre a uno stress ormonale fortissimo che potrebbe indurre l’interruzione della produzione di latte; implica correre il rischio di perdere un’altra femmina e per di pi? la sua cucciolata che, per una popolazione di circa 45-50 animali di cui ben poche femmine riproduttive, è un evento drammatico.
E sulla gravità di quanto hanno fatto questi due imbecilli ? caduto il silenzio. Sul sito web delle associazioni ambientaliste non ho trovato nulla, tanto meno sul sito del Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo. Vergogna! Solo Santoloci, esperto di diritto dell’ambiente, ha tirato fuori la sua indignazione pubblicamente sul web; la sua lettera è qui: Facciamola girare, scriviamo ai telegiornali denunciando la parzialità di quello che hanno detto e fatto.

The blog is dead, long live the tweet!

If there was any reader left of this blog, he would surely have noticed that the frequency of the posts has been dramatically low for one year or more. As I have really not enough time to devote to writing useful information tidbits, I decided to display here the tweet messages I write. They’re displayed on the right column. Hope someone finds them inspiring…

How NOT to take advantage of a recent full-disk backup…

Whatever happens, never, ever, think that having just copied all of your data on an external hard disk, it is a good time to wipe your main disk clean to selectively import back only recent and important stuff. Or just to achieve drefragmentation, old-skool.

Because the backup disk, even if used for only about an hour, MIGHT FAIL.

And take with it all your digital life: music, pictures, code, documents and the rest.

R.I.P. Maxtor 3200 500GB external drive, 2007 – 2009. Always cursed for speed and noise, only after thou left was your worth acknowledged.

Il mio babbo su Google video

Più incredibile che vero, il mio luddita, tecnofobico e fissato-con-il-passato genitore (nonchè artista mica da poco) mi ha scavalcato a piè pari nell’utilizzo del media web, ed è atterrato direttamente in google video [edit 2020: the video is now hosted on DailyMotion].

Qui e qui ̬ visualizzabile un breve Рma bellissimo Рcortometraggio realizzato in occasione di una sua esposizione a Bruxelles, in cui racconta (in francese) la poetica e la visione alla base dei suoi lavori recenti.

R̩alisation: Benǫt Dumont РAtelier du Coquelicot asbl

We’ve moved!

I finally made it: the GGGeek website has been (almost) completely reimplemented.

It is now powered by the popular WordPress blogging package.
Most of the old content has been migrated (well, you know,it was not that much anyway…).
As you can notice, I am quite conservative when it comes to web page design.

In the next few days I hope to finish the graphics and the remaining sections…
…as well as dig a bit in the WP code: I think I already found an annoying bug 😉