I can’t believe my eyes

Only in London: Manga Shakespeare!

manga shakespeare

And an Imperial Star Destroyer crashed just behind the Tate Modern gallery…

star destroyers at the tate modern

PS: went to see the Sonia Delaunay exhibition.
At 16 quids, a bit meh.
The lady did nice work in abstract paintings, but showed no great sign of evolution for a whopping 40 years of career. Her fabric patterns were a bit more complex but less garishly coloured than the Marimekko ones. Marimekko btw, are also still repeating the same patterns since the seventies 🙂
The paintings I liked better where the very first ones, portraits which could easily be described as “Not quite unlike Picasso, with bright patterns in the background”. Picasso btw, was exposing GUERNICA at the Paris exposition in 1937 while the Delaunays where displaying brightly coloured canvases with motor parts and technical drawings. Talk about being abstracted from reality…

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