Happy record-store-day

What would the Londoners do if they did not have an event every weekend as pretext to go out, picnic, have beer and chat? Surely invent another event!

Today was “record store day”, so I strolled across London, north-east to south-west, to go listen to some Ambient House mixed by none other than Alex Paterson from The Orb, at a very small but friendly shop in Northwood. A bit of a shame that it is so far away from my daily home – office commute that I won’t be coming back often.

the book and records store

In the end, I bought no vinyls (did I mention I do not own a turntable?), but still did not came home empty handed. The book selection seemed hand curated, and the owner’s taste fell quite in line with mine. Time to fill some gaping holes in my classics!


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