An Italian vegetarianish in London #5. Udon time!

As promised, I began my hunt for Udon joints, and I was not disappointed.

Udon are japanese noodles, round and thick, like fat spaghetti. They usually come with some broth and various seasoning. I am in love with them ever since eating them from a huge, steaming wooden bowl in Matsuyama on the island of Shikoku in Japan.

The first London restaurant recommended for Udon, but even more for sake tasting is Zen Mondo, in Islington (pics)

The atmosphere is quiet and cosy, the waitress bows and smiles constantly, the udon, sushi and tempura are good, and there is a nice selection of sakes available, all of the bottles carrying a short explanation in english. Prices are affordable (menu online at

Could a japanophile ask for more?

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