Got my javascript yellow belt!

A very well kept secret: I had done very few to not-at-all javascript development until now. My personal philosophy can be summed up as “if it can be done on the server, do it on the server”.

Alas, I have at last succumbed to the ajax craze, and waded knee-deep into the murky javascript pools, in search for diamond and pearls and api-compatible library reimplementations.
Not only have I discovered that translating php into javascript is almost as simple as translating “->” into “.”, “.” into “+” and “gettype” into “typeof”, but my mind got bended and warped forever while trying to rationalize the prototype-based inheritance model.

If the result of such perilous journeys has been something of interest, I let the readers judge.
For now, the visible part is a graphical editor of xmlrpc / json values, added to the online xmlrpc debugger available here: (to see it, click on ‘Execute method’ then on the ‘Edit’ link).

5 thoughts on “Got my javascript yellow belt!”

  1. Hello, Gaetano

    This JS payload editor is a really great thing. The only inconvenience is that it needs to be called from XML-RPC debugger page or else you do not have any means to grab the output. It will be nice to get an ability to display results in copy/paste-able window.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Ok, it has been added to the list of wishes for next iteration.
    Who knows, maybe Babbo Natale will fix it, replacing the simple preview currently available with a full fledged, yui-styled panel… 😉

    Have a nice 2007.

    BTW: the code is available on the public cvs repository, any contribution is welcome…

  3. Well, Santa couldn’t make it, but it looks like “la befana” was in a good mood and stepped up to the task: the visual editor has just been upgraded, with a lot of bugfixes (too many to be worth mentioning… it really was in alpha state) and an improved “preview” dialog.


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