We’ve moved!

I finally made it: the GGGeek website has been (almost) completely reimplemented.

It is now powered by the popular WordPress blogging package.
Most of the old content has been migrated (well, you know,it was not that much anyway…).
As you can notice, I am quite conservative when it comes to web page design.

In the next few days I hope to finish the graphics and the remaining sections…
…as well as dig a bit in the WP code: I think I already found an annoying bug 😉

PHP Day 2006

I participated to the italian PHP day 2006, giving two talks. Met a lot of nice people, weather was excellent and food fantastic. Lots of interesting talks, both at the conference and at the restaurant.
Here are a couple of pictures taken at the event.
These are the slides (in italian, of course – PDF format) of my talk about php for webservices.
Those are the slides of the talk about php usage in the enterprise context (at SEA airports) I gave together with Elena Brambilla.