An Italian vegetarianish in London #3. Pie!

One the least hipster-looking places in Hoxton, within walking distance of my cozy small flat, is F. Cooke’s “Pie & Mash” parlour.
So far I had not managed to try it out, maybe because there’s no menu on the door and I’m a bit scared of getting a pastry stuffed with eel, or because there’s no opening times written, either, and I tend to pass by late in the evening or on sundays.
This time I carefully planned my visit for a Saturday afternoon, hungry like the wolf after having dutifully swam my weekly kilometre.


Atmosphere: 9 – everyone seems to know each other (except me).
Food: 6 – maybe this is the best pie in London, maybe not. I think I am not a great fan of pies after all


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