An Italian vegetarianish in London #2. Ramen time!

Went for the second time to my fave ramen joint in London: Cocoro, next to the British Museum (see

Forgot to take a picture, so without further ado here’s the rating:

Food: 9/10 – if you love thick, rich, creamy tonkotsu, then this is the place for you
Service: 7/10 – good enough, but definitely not the same you’d get in a restaurant in Tokyo
Ambience: 8/10 – a bit quaint looking, with a big advantage: no-one inside. In Paris you’d have to queue for one hour and half for the same stuff!!!

Overall score: 8.5.

If anyone can recommend a better japanese, I’m up for a culinary expedition.
Next in the list: find good Udon!

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