An Italian Vegetarianish in London #1. Of bikes and cities

Last time I was in London, for 3 months during the spring, I had bought a nice 2nd-hand citybike. The plan was to use it on my daily commute, and resell it before going back to the continent.

not bad for a hundred quids

Unfortunately, both wheels where stolen on a night without moon. (and without public transport. A strike was starting)
I was told that this was to be expected, since I did not properly lock them (only the frame was properly secured using an Abus lock).
And to be honest, I had noticed that most bicycles carried two locks, at least in the city centre. I was just too lazy to do that.

When I moved in for good, at the beginning of November, with my lovely bike with a dark blue Mattioli frame, Schwalbe tyres and Brooks saddle, I consequently decided that it would sleep safely in the home with me every night. I bought two locks. And I attached the saddle to the frame using a custom-made anti-theft chain devised by old friend and bike lover Massimo.


Alas, it took less than one month for the saddle to disappear, on a rainy afternoon, while I was swimming and the bike was attached in front of the pool. The saddle was even hidden under a protective rag.

Notice anything missing?
Notice anything missing?

All I have to say to the my fellow city-dwellers, who for one reason or the other have fallen out of luck and have to resort to recover parts from other people’s bicycles for a living, is just one word of advice. STEER FUCKING CLEAR IN THE FUTURE, OR ELSE!

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