An xmlrpc connector for Mantis

It just felt soo long since I had last hacked on anything xmlrpc-related, and some part of me was looking for an itch to scratch.
Luckily today a request for help via email set me on a hunt for blog posts / forum posts / mailing list messages where complete newbies ask questions about the phpxmlrpc lib not working for them. Of course they post there instead of the correct mailing list because in fact they have trouble setting up their favourite php application. Heck, they probably do not even know what phpxmlrpc is.
To make a long story short, I ended up looking at the code of a poorly-written dotproject xmlrpc plugin, and wondering why the mantis bugtracker has such a nice and clean soap interface but has no xmlrpc one.
And since it was late evening – the best time to code, when there are no distractions coming in over the phone or chat or email – and home alone, I just sat in the front of the keyboard decided to put and end to that last shameful situation.

For everybody who needs it ot just wants to test it, here it is: the Mantisconnect XMLRPC Interface, rev. 0.1

5 thoughts on “An xmlrpc connector for Mantis”

  1. Ciao,
    Have you updated your code since last year ?
    We’re going to have a look as we need to plug mantis to other web services (like basecamp or zoho project, a CRM, …) and I would prefer to look at the last release.

    Grazzie mille,


  2. Nopes – no new releases.
    In fact zero bugs or feature request showed up – there seems to be very little interest in this, at least until now 😉

  3. hi,
    any possibility to better describe the installation in mantis and dotproject for newbees? i installed as described but always get a ‘HTTP-Fehler 404.0 – Not Found’. what else is the is there to do? how do i use it from dotproject?

    thanx in advance

  4. @l8night: sorry, but this plugin only provides half of what is needed to connect mantis to dotproject. Namely it allows the webservices normally available to soap calls on mantis to be called via xmlrpc.
    But then you still need some other code in the form of a dotproject plugin that calls those methods. And I did not write it.

    The connector plugin that is mentioned on the dotproject forum instead provides both halves: the calling code for dotproject and the webservices to be called for mantis.
    But the webservices it adds are new ones.
    And it is unsupported, as there seems nobody willing to continue working on it…

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