A comparison of JSON libraries for PHP, RELOADED

I have updated the article comparing the different php libraries that allow encoding/decoding of JSON data.
Besides testing the latest version of all the libraries involved and briefly summarizing the evolution since the november test, he new page has benchmark results for php 4.4.

Here it is.


One thought on “A comparison of JSON libraries for PHP, RELOADED”

  1. A blog post similar in intent to my analysis but oriented to python is available at: http://blog.hill-street.net/?p=7

    It is interesting to note that the authors chose a methodology very similar to my own, i.e. to benchmark the various toolkits both for speed and for edge cases.

    An interesting tip to get the “best of both worlds” (speed and completeness of conversion): use the fastest decoder first, and if it fails, try to use the slower-but-more-tolerant one. For the belt-and-suspenders kind of coders, I suppose…

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